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Providing elephant figurine, eagle statues, dolphin statue, horse sculptures, as well as statues of wildlife and sea animals, sports, military statues, and more.

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New Eagle Statues and Sculptures Added Recently!

Eagle Statues and other bronze statues can make a statement to any space. At DecorativeStatues.com, you will find eagle statues, dolphin statue, elephant figurine and horse statue, sea statues of marine and wildlife animals, statuary for sports trophy and awards, as well as Military Statues. Our decorative copper, brass, and bronze statues are a combination of plated resin and solid cast statues of bald and golden eagle figurine eagle statues, dolphins, horses and other western statues. We guarantee the quality of all our decorative statues to ensure you will enjoy your copper eagle statues, bronze dolphin statue, or any other statue you purchase from us. Although you will always find eagle statues, horse sculptures, dolphin statues, and elephant figurines, visit us often to see any new additions to other categories.

Eagle Statues & Sculptures

Eagle Statues
Eagle sculpture, bald eagle statues and golden eagle figurines.

Bird Statues, Non-Eagle

Bird Statues
Although eagle sculptures are our most popular bird statues, we also carry other domestic and exotic bird statues.

Dolphin Statues

Dolphin Statue
Dolphin statue and dolphin figurines including limited and unlimited edition dolphin statue figurines.

Sea Animal Sculptures

Sea Sculptures
Besides our dophin statue section, we also offer other sea sculptures such as whale, shark, fish, turtle, and other sea sculptures.

Western Statues

Western sculptures
The American west is depicted in our collection of western sculpture and statues. We carry cowboy statues, indian figurines, and other western statues, including sculptures from well-known American artists.

Horse Sculptures / Horse Statues

Horse Sculptures
Find horse sculptures depicting horses in their natural state. Whether wild or domesticated, these horse sculptures will be a great addtion to your home or office.

Wildlife Statues

Wildlife Animal Statues
Capture american and african wildlife in our collection of natural wildlife statues. Find statues of deer, elk, bear, wolves, rhinos, giraffes, and more.

Elephant Figurine / Elephant Statues

Elephant Figurine
Elephants are very symbolic. Our selection of elephant statues will meet any elephant figurine collector's tastes. Get your elephant figurines here.

Golf Trophy Statues

Golf Statues
Golf statues for the golf fan, to decorate your home or office. Also find a golf trophy in many sizes and finishes.

Sports Trophy

Sports Trophy Statues
Besides golf statues, you can find a large selection of other sports trophies including baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and football trophy statues, as well as horse racing statues, polo, and english hunting statues.

Dog Statues

Dog Statues
Dog statues capture Man's best freind in a dog statue for your home or office. Get a dog statue of your favorite dog to remind you just how loyal they are.

Military Statues / Firefighter Statues

Military Statues
Military statues inlcuding soldier statues, firefighter statues, police, and other collectible military figurines.

Legal Statues

Blind Lady Justice Statues
These legal statues such as Blind Lady Justice statues are great for any lawyer or legal office.

Bull and Bear Statues/
Stock Market-Related

Bull and Bear Statues
Bull and Bear Statues and other stock market-related statues are perfect for any stock broker or brokerage firm. Display these decorative statues in offices, lobbies, and anywhere you want to make a bold statement.

Human Statues / Human Sculptures

Human Statues
Human statues and human sculptures showing human form statues in many different styles, shapes, and finishes.

Sculpture Pedestals for Displaying Decorative Statues

Sculpture Pedestals
Display your eagle statues, dolphin statue, horse sculptures, and many other decorative statues on a sculpture pedestal. These pedestals are designed with quality for displaying sculptures.
Eagle Statues, Dolphin Statue, Horse Sculptures, and Decorative Statues

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