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Welcome to our Wild Bird Statues Section inlcuding bronze crane statues.

Crane statue bird statues
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Our selection of bronze bird statues offer statues of exotic and wild birds in copper, brass, and bronze including crane statue and more. Bases for the bird statues come in resin, wood, or marble, depending on the individual bird statue. Our copper and bronze crane statues, ducks, chickens, and other bird statues are made to show incredible detail. Start or add to your collection of copper statues by purchasing any of our brass wild bird statues or crane statues below.

SKU# 51107:

Not a crane statue Copper statue of two doves

SKU# 11132:

11132 copper duck statue Copper duck statue, duck in flight

SKU# H219-P:

H219 swan shell bird statue Swan statue with shell wings

SKU# P7699-25:

P7699-25 flamingo statue 21" Flamingo Statue

SKU# C773:

C773 copper pelican statue Copper pelican statue

SKU# C1103:

C1103 copper crane statue Copper statue of two cranes

SKU# ED015:

Brass Cranes Statue Twin brass cranes statue

SKU# 53153:

53153 Copper Rooster Statue Copper rooster statue

SKU# CD436:

CD436 Copper Spoon Bill Statue Large copper spoon bill bird statue

SKU# 80033-C:

Blue Wonder Brass parrot statue "Blue Wonder" brass parrot statue on marble base

SKU# DBbD014:

DBbD014 Pewter crane statue 23" Pewter cranes statue

SKU# BPI5863-G:

Outdoor Brass Garden Cranes Pair of brass outdoor garden cranes
Price is for the set of 2 crane statues

SKU# 30385-L:

Brass crane in cattails Brass crane statue in cattails on marble base

SKU# BP3162-A:

Outdoor brass egret statue 33" Alert outdoor brass egret statue

SKU# 30922-R:

Brass parrot statue Imperial brass parrot statue on marble base

SKU# 30923-E:

Brass Statue of Egretts Imperial brass egretts statue on marble base

SKU# 55098-G:

Bronze cranes in flight Brass crane pair in flight statue on marble base

SKU# 31081-C:

Brass sandpiper sculpture Brass sandpiper flock sculpture on marble base

SKU# 80034-P:

Bronze crane wall plaque Brass crane wall plaque

SKU# BZ25026-P:

Brass statue of courting cranes 31" Brass courting crane couple statue on marble base

SKU# 31091R:

Three bronze cranes statue 21 1/2" Brass crane trio statue on marble base

SKU# BS3139-S:

Outdoor Garden Brass Cranes Stately outdoor brass garden cranes, set of 2 statues

SKU# 31085-C:

Brass Sandpiper flock bird statue 19" Brass sandpiper flock statue on marble base

SKU# 31825-C:

Aluminum cranes outdoor statue 34 1/2" Aluminum outdoor cranes landing statue

SKU# 30460-N:

Brass sculpture of crane on branch 33 1/2" Brass crane on branch sculpture on marble base

SKU# 31082-G:

Outdoor garden brass sandpipers statues Brass outdoor garden sandpipers staues, set of 3

SKU# 32416-M:

Outdoor aluminum crane 37 1/2" "Love Dance" outdoor aluminum cranes statue

SKU# 30457-M:

Brass statue of pelican on stump 33" Outdoor brass pelican statue on stump

SKU# 30605-C:

Outdoor garden bronze crane spitters Outdoor brass crane statue garden spitter, pair of 2 statues

SKU# 31291-M:

outdoor garden brass crane statues Medium outdoor garden brass cranes statues, set of 2 crane statues
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