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Decorative copper and bronze dolphin statue
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Our line of fine decorative copper dolphin statues offer dolphin figurines in copper, bronze, and other fine materials. Bases for the copper and bronze dolphin statues come in wood, marble, or resin, depending on the individual dolphin statue. Our bronze dolphins and copper dolphin sculpture are made with quality to show incredible detail. Start or add to your collection of copper dolphin sculptures by purchasing a dolphin statue or copper dolphin figurine below.

SKU# Cc726:

Cc726 copper dolphins statue Three dolphins copper statue

SKU# Cc177:

Cc177 copper dolphin sculpture Four dark copper dolphins statue

SKU# 52024:

52024 copper dolphin statue Copper statue of dolphins and waves


Cb286 copper dolphin and coral statue Copper dolphin with coral statue

SKU# Cc710:

Cc710 two dolphins copper statue Dark copper two dolphins statue

SKU# DC3042:

DC3042 Copper Statue of dolphins and fish 13" Copper dolphins statue with fish

SKU# 52001:

52001 copper trio dolphin figurine Copper Trio dolphin statue

SKU# 52002:

52002 dolphins swimming copper statue 10" Copper statue of dolphins swimming

SKU# B148:

Brass dolphins statue #B148 Brass mini school of dolphins statue

SKU# 52023:

dolphins on coral statue Two dolphins on coral statue

SKU# 52025:

52025 dolphins on waves statue Two dolphins on waves statue

SKU# B149:

Brass statue of dolphins underwater 10" Brass underwater dolphins statue

SKU# 42019:

Dolphins in coral copper statue 13 1/2" Copper dolphins in coral statue

SKU# 42003:

Pewter dolphin figurine with waves 12" Pewter waves and dolphins statue

SKU# B147:

Brass dolphin sculpture five dolphins on wave Five brass dolphins on wave sculpture

SKU# 52021:

52021 multiple copper dolphin figurines 16" Multiple dolphin copper statue

SKU# DC3020:

dark copper dolphin jumping statue Dark copper four jumping dolphins statue

SKU# 52020:

Verdes Green Copper Dolphin sculpture 19" Verdes Green Copper dolphins statue

SKU# B117:

Brass dolphin figurines Brass flying dolphins statue

SKU# 30997-H:

Loving brass dolphins statues Brass Imperial "Loving" dolphin pair statue on marble base

SKU# 30980-F:

Imperial fish & bronze dolphin Imperial brass dolphin with fish statue on marble base

SKU# 30979-D:

Duo Bronze Dolphins Imperial brass dolphin duo statue on marble base

SKU# B138:

Seven brass dolphin statues Seven brass dolphins on a wave statue

SKU# B131:

Playful brass dolphins sculpture 27 1/2" Brass playful dolphins statue

SKU# 30964-D:

Large brass duo dolphins Large Imperial duo brass dolphin statue on marble base

SKU# 30845-D:

Brass dolphins dancing statue Dozen dancing brass dolphins statue on marble base

SKU# B233:

Brass dolphins and mermaid statue Brass under sea life mermaid with dolphins statue

SKU# 30984-A:

Brass dolphin quintet statue Brass jumping dolphin quintet statue on marble base

SKU# 52026:

Rising copper dolphins 23 1/2" Copper Rising dolphins statue

SKU# 30996-E:

Brass dolphin trio on reef sculpture Imperial brass dolphin trio on reef sculpture with marble base

SKU# B173:

Brass dolphin romance statue "Dolphin Romance" brass statue

SKU# B187:

Triple brass dolphins figurine Brass triple dolphins statue

SKU# 30993-A:

Brass dolphins on wave statue 16" Imperial brass dolphin trio on wave statue with marble base

SKU# 30592-D:

Outdoor garden brass dolphin spitter 27" Brass dolphin outdoor garden spitter

SKU# 31639-B:

Circle of lover brass dolphins sculpture "Circle of Love" 30" brass mother & baby dolphins sculpture on marble base

SKU# 80044-Y:

Mother and baby brass dolphin sculptures 27 1/2" Brass dolphin mother and baby statue on marble base

SKU# BP25564-H:

Brass school of dolphins Fourteen school of brass dolphins statue on marble base

SKU# 31636J:

Brass dolphin school statue 13 Brass dolphin school statue on marble base

SKU# 31537-B:

Art brass dolphin family statue 29" Art finish brass dolphin family statue on marble base

SKU# 31993-B:

Marble and brass dolphins First Glimpse sculpture "First Glimpse" Brass & Marble dolphins sculpture

SKU# 31539-B:

Majestic dolphins quintet brass statue Majestic brass dolphin statue quintet on marble base

SKU# 31994-B:

Brass and marble New Friends sculpture "New Friends" Marble and brass dolphins sculpture

SKU# BP25304-L:

Brass dolphin seaworld sculpture 29 1/2" Brass dolphin seaworld sculpture on marble base

SKU# 31049-R:

Brass imperial dolphin sea world sculpture 33" Imperial small brass sea world dolphin sculpture on marble base

SKU# 30900-S:

Seascape dolphin brass sculpture 40" Medium brass dolphin seascape sculpture on marble base

SKU# 30901-N:

Brass dolphins seaworld sculpture 40 1/2" Medium seaworld brass dolphins sculpture on marble base

SKU# 31997-B:

Sea Trio dolphins brass sculptures "Sea Trio" Brass & Marble dolphin sculpture with turtle and skate

SKU# 31047-R:

Imperial seaworld brass dolphins sculptures 40" Imperial medium sea world brass dolphins sculpture with marble base

SKU# 30037-B:

Seaworld seascape brass dolphin 50" Brass dolphin seaworld seascape sculpture on marble base

SKU# 30117-P:

School of 15 dolphins brass sculpture 52" brass sculpture of 15 dolphins school statue on marble base

SKU# 31045-W:

Large brass dolphins and turtle sculpture 53 1/2" Imperial large brass seaworld sculpture with turtle and dolphins
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