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Decorative eagle statue and golden eagle figurine at low prices for your home and office decor needs.

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Our line of fine decorative eagle sculpture offers eagle statue in copper, bronze, iron. Bases for the statues come in resin, wood, or marble, depending on the individual bald eagle sculpture. Our golden eagle figurine eagle sculptures are made to show incredible detail. Start or add to your collection of eagle statues by purchasing any of our brass eagle sculptures or golden eagle figurines below.

SKU# 15009:

15009 Triple Eagle Statue Copper eagle head statue, 3 heads

SKU# 55118:

55118 Copper Eagle Bust Copper eagle bust statue

SKU# 15101:

15101 Double Eagle heads Statue Double eagle heads sculpture

SKU# 11004:

11004 Perched eagle sculpture with wings Eagle perched on stump sculpture, wings spread

SKU# 41132:

41132 Pewter Bald Eagle Statue Pewter eagle with bricks sculpture

SKU# 11106:

Golden eagle perched figurine Copper golden eagle figurine perched with wings spread

SKU# 31105:

31105 Dark copper eagle on waves Dark copper eagle with waves statue

SKU# 51133:

51133 Golden Eagle Figurine Golden eagle figurine

SKU# 41112:

41112 Pewter Eagles Sculpture Two pewter eagles flying statue

SKU# 41113:

41113 Pewter Eagle sculptures Pewter eagle with tree sculpture

SKU# 41152:

41152 Golden Eagle sculptures Golden eagle with square base

SKU# 45115:

45115 Pewter Eagle Head statue Pewter eagle head figurine, beak open

SKU# 51121:

51121 Copper Eagles Statues Copper golden eagle figurine flying by tree

SKU# 51122:

51122 Golden Eagle flying Statue Copper flying eagle statue with waves

SKU# 11014:

11014 Bald eagle with raised wings statue Perched golden eagle on branch figurine with wings raised

SKU# 35106:

35106 Copper Eagle Head Sculpture Copper eagle head sculpture

SKU# 11108:

Golden eagle figurine flying Flying eagle copper statue

SKU# 51119:

51119 Bronze Eagle sculpture Bronze golden eagle landing on tree figurine

SKU# 45106:

45106 Pewter Eagle Bust Statue Pewter eagle head statue

SKU# 31109:

31109 Copper Statue of Eagle Opening Wings Perched copper eagle opening wings statue

SKU# 11105:

11105 Perched Eagle figurines Perched eagle with wings spread statue

SKU# 31104:

31104 Flying Eagle Copper Statue Copper eagle flying with waves statue

SKU# 31106:

31106 Statue of Eagle Diving Diving Eagle Sculpture

SKU# 41131:

Pewter eagle flying sculpture Pewter eagle flying sculpture

SKU# 51120:

51120 Landing Golden Eagles figurine Golden eagle landing figurine

SKU# 51127:

51127 Eagle with Flag Statue Copper eagle with American flag statue

SKU# 01004:

01104 Two Eagles Flying Statue Two golden eagles in flight figurine

SKU# PS1049:

Bronze Eagle and Fish Statue Copper/Bronze eagle with fish statue

SKU# 41130:

41130 Pewter and Gold Statue of Eagles Golden eagle and pewter eagles figurine

SKU# C167:

C167 Bronze & Copper Eagle with Waves Statue Medium bronze/copper eagle with waves statue

SKU# C565:

C565 Eagle Perched Statue Bronze/Copper eagle perched statue

SKU# 51111:

51111 Copper Statue of Eagle with Waves Copper eagle on wave statue

SKU# 51116:

Statue of Copper Eagle with 2 Chicks Eagle with baby chicks statue

SKU# CB441:

CB441 Bald Eagle Statue Bronze/Copper bald eagle sculpture

SKU# 31013:

31013 Copper Statue of Eagle Taking Off Copper eagle statue taking off

SKU# 51134:

Large Statue of Copper Eagle Flying Large copper eagle flying statue

SKU# C002:

Copper & Bronze Eagle with Waves Statue Large eagle copper/bronze statue with waves

SKU# 11117:

11117 Statue of Eagle Landing Copper Eagle Landing Statue

SKU# B193:

B193 Eagle Bronze sculpture Bronze American eagle sculpture
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