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Our line of fine decorative copper human statues offer human sculptures in copper, bronze, and other human form sculpture. Bases for the copper and bronze human statues come in wood, marble, or resin, depending on the individual human sculptures. Our bronze human sculptures and copper human statues are made with quality to show incredible detail. Start displaying human form sculpture and human statues in your home or office today.

SKU# C1581:

Copper flutist human form sculpture Copper female human flutist statue

SKU# DBb1143A:

Pewter human violinist statue Pewter human female violinist statue

SKU# E1170:

Brass human violinist statue Brass male human violinist statue

SKU# H276-WHT:

Pensive Angel human sculpture "Pensive Angel" human sculpture

SKU# DC2111:

Dark copper human statues Dark copper human female statue holding candle

SKU# H228-WHT:

Acrobat with loop human form sculpture Human form acrobat with loop sculpture

SKU# H234-WHT:

OK human hand sculpture "OK" human hand sculpture

SKU# H235-WHT:

Thumbs up human hand sculpture "Thumbs UP" human hand sculpture

SKU# H236-WHT:

Fingers crossed human hand sculpture "Fingers Crossed" human hand sculpture

SKU# H253-WHT:

human hand votive holder statue Human hand votive holder statue

SKU# H265-WHT:

Agility human form sculpture "Agility" human form statue

SKU# H273-WHT:

Strength human form statue "Strength" human form sculpture

SKU# H274-WHT:

Peace human hand statue "Peace" human hand sculpture

SKU# H237-WHT:

Human hands shaking sculpture "Hands Shaking" human hand sculpture

SKU# H248-WHT:

Human form blowing kiss sculpture "Blowing Kiss" human form statue

SKU# H249-WHT:

Human kissing the hand statue "Kissing the Hand" human form sculpture

SKU# H250-WHT:

human hushing sculpture "Hushing" human sculpture

SKU# H260-CB:

Ribboned human male torso sculpture Ribboned human male torso form sculpture

SKU# H269-WHT:

Human Devotion sculpture "Devotion" human sculpture

SKU# H275-WHT:

Feather and Human Tickling sculpture "The Tickle" human form sculpture

SKU# H266-WHT:

Human Female leaping sculpture Human female leaping sculpture

SKU# H270-WHT:

Human torso sculpture Human torso in motion sculpture

SKU# H278-WHT:

Female human vaulting sculpture Human female vaulting sculpture

SKU# H267-WHT:

Human acrobat on ring sculpture Acrobat on ring human sculpture

SKU# C750:

Copper human guitar player statue Copper human guitar player statue

SKU# C797:

Human keyboard player statue Copper human keyboard player statue

SKU# H271-WHT:

Adoration humans sculpture "Adoration" human sculptures

SKU# DBb184:

Pewter human saxaphone player statue Pewter human saxaphone player statue

SKU# B170:

Thinking Man bronze human sculptures Bronze "Thinking Man" human sculpture

SKU# B211:

Human hourglass Brass Time & Life statue "Time & Life" human brass sculpture on marble base

SKU# C180:

Copper human violinist statue Copper human male violinist statue on marble base

SKU# CD183:

Copper human cellist statue Copper human cellist statue on marble base

SKU# B197:

Human Mother and child brass sculpture Brass human mother & child sculpture

SKU# B198:

Human Lovers sculpture Bronze "Lovers" human form on marble base sculpture

SKU# C1127:

Jazz duet human form copper sculpture Copper jazz duet human forms sculpture

SKU# CD181:

Petina copper human flutist statue Copper human flutist statue with petina on marble base

SKU# 31429-A:

Brass human male bust statue Brass human male bust statue with wood mase

SKU# 30621-F:

Brass frog and human boy garden statue Brass frog and his boy human outdoor garden spitter statue

SKU# 30619-G:

Brass human girl gardener statue Brass human gardener girl outdoor garden statue spitter
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