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Payment Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions prior to ordering.

All major credit cards accepted.
Credit Cards Accepted.
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Credit Cards

Decorative Statues.com accepts all major credit cards (Visa, M/C, American Express, and Discover). In some cases, our customer service representitives may require that the order only be shipped to the credit card's billing address. We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of your credit card.

Prepaid Checks

Checks can be accepted for all orders. You must obtain a quote from our sales department, and reference the quote number on the check. If you fail to do this, your order may be delayed. Your order will typically be processed within 24 hours from when the check was received. In some cases, such as larger orders, your check may be held up to two (2) weeks until it clears.

Wire / Bank Transfers

Wire transfers can be used for any order, regardless of product, if requested by the customer. Transfer information can be obtained by contacting our customer service department. Orders will typically be processed within 24 hours from when our bank verifies that the funds have been deposited. Decorative Statues.com is not responsible for any fees your bank may charge for processing bank transfers.

Net Terms

Net Terms are approved for qualified customers only. If you wish to apply for a Net 15 status, you need to provide 3 trade references and 1 bank reference to our accounting department. Purchase orders are accepted for all U.S. Government agencies, including City and State departments, as well as public school districts. If you place an order under a Net Terms status, you will have up to 30 days to make all payments. If late, you authorize Decorative Statues.com to charge a 1.75% late fee on all unpaid balances over the allowed time.