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Our sea sculptures section offers fish sculptures, whale sculpture, sea turtle sculpture and more.

Fish sculptures and whale sculpture are popular sea sculptures.

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We offer sea sculptures such as fish sculptures, whale sculpture, sea turtle sculpture, and many other sea sculptures. Capture these decorative whale sculpture, fish sculptures and other statues to display in your home or office.

SKU# Cb3033:

Dark copper seals statue Dark copper seals statue

SKU# 52005:

Copper sealion statue Copper sealion statue

SKU# DC1422:

Antique bronze seals statue Antique bronze seals statue

SKU# ED287:

Two brass whales sculpture 8" Two brass whales sculpture

SKU# Cc709:

Dark copper whale sculpture Dark copper single whale sculpture

SKU# 52006:

Copper sea turtle statue Copper sea turtle with coral sculpture

SKU# 52029:

Swordfish sculptures with coral Small copper swordfish sculptures with coral

SKU# B174:

Brass orca whales sculpture Brass Orca whales sculpture on wave

SKU# 52012:

Dark copper shark sculpture Dark copper shark sculpture

SKU# B217:

Brass marlin fish sculptures Brass marlin fish sculptures

SKU# 52028:

Large copper swordfish sculpture Large copper swordfish sculpture with coral

SKU# B111:

Bronze/Brass shark sculpture Bronze/Brass shark sculpture

SKU# B209:

Brass predator shark sculpture Brass predator shark sculpture

SKU# B186:

Brass sea turtles sculpture Brass sea turtles sculpture

SKU# 30466-P:

Good catch tarpon fish statue "Good Catch" brass tarpon fish sculpture

SKU# 31541-P:

Brass sea turtle art sculpture Art finish brass sea turtle duet sculpture

SKU# B153:

Brass humpback whales sculpture Brass humpback II Whales sculpture

SKU# 30988-L:

Imperial brass humpback whale sculpture Imperial brass humpback whale sculpture

SKU# 30998-E:

Duo brass sea turtles sculpture Duo Brass sea turtles sculpture

SKU# 31652-S:

Brass hunting marlin fish statue Brass imperial hunting marlin fish sculptures

SKU# 30825-P:

Togetherness brass tarpon fish statue "Togetherness" double brass tarpon fish sculpture

SKU# 31625-B:

Brass manta rays sculpture Imperial brass manta rays sculpture on marble base

SKU# 31643-S:

Brass coastal sea otters statue Brass coastal sea otters statue on marble base

SKU# 30814-S:

Sweet Success marlin fish sculpture "Sweet Success" brass fish marlin sculptures

SKU# 30820-D:

Brass mahi mahi fish statue Dorado duo Mahi mahi fish brass sculptures

SKU# 30422-M:

Brass family seahorse statue Brass seahorse family statue

SKU# 31543-W:

Brass fighting crabs statue Brass fighting bluepoint crabs statue on marble base

SKU# 30969-P:

Brass shark sculpture with prey Imperial brass shark sculpture with prey

SKU# 31521-W:

Large brass sea horse statue Large impreial brass sea horse statue

SKU# 30843-F:

Museum brass sailfish sculpture Brass museum sailfish sculpture

SKU# 31654-T:

Brass kingfish sculpture Brass kingfish sculpture jumping out of water

SKU# 30518-W:

Brass red fish eating crab sculpture "Let's Eat" brass red fish and crab sculpture

SKU# 30831-E:

Seven brass trout sculpture Seven brass trout in current sculpture

SKU# 30921-R:

Brass trout sculpture Imperial brass trout sculpture

SKU# 30818-G:

Grand Slam fish sculpture "Grand Slam" brass sailfish and marlin sculpture

SKU# 31653-T:

Brass sailfish trophy sculpture Imperial brass sailfish trophy sculpture

SKU# 31553-V:

Brass New England lobster statue Brass New England lobster statue

SKU# B185:

Sailfish brass sculpture 27" Sailfish brass sculptures

SKU# 30965-R:

Large angelfish angelfish brass sculpture Imperial large brass angelfish trio sculpture

SKU# 30967-H:

Brass humpback whale with dolphins sculpture Imperial humpback whale and dolphins sculpture

SKU# 30972H:

Tropical fish brass sculpture Imperial brass tropical fish school sculpture

SKU# 30985-P:

Killer whale brass sculpture Imperial brass pair of killer whales sculpture

SKU# 31527-F:

Brass sailfish and marlin culpture Imperial slam brass sailfish and marlin sculpture

SKU# BP25303-W:

Brass sailfish on wave sculpture Brass pair of sailfish on wave sculpture

SKU# BP25156-H:

Double humpback whales sculpture Double brass humpback whale sculpture on wave

SKU# 30078-D:

Brass sailfish duo sculpture Brass sailfish duo sculpture on wave

SKU# 30968-S:

Brass sea turtle with sculpture Imperial sea turtle with fish brass sculpture

SKU# BP25007-Y:

Ssea Brass mother and baby sea turtle sculpture

SKU# 31525-W:

Sail Away sailfish brass sculpture "Sail Away" sailfish brass sculpture

SKU# 31992-B:

Brass/marble sea turtle sculpture "Lagoon Frolic" brass and marble sea turtles sculpture

SKU# 31650-S:

Brass manatees statue Imperial brass manatees statue

SKU# 31996-B:

Ballyhoo For Sale sea sculpture "Ballyhoo For Sale" brass sea sculpture

SKU# 30978-D:

Large sea turtle brass sculpture Imperial large brass duo sea turtles sculpture

SKU# 31622-L:

Brass humpback whale family sculpture Brass family humpback whales sculpture

SKU# 31991-B:

Sea Grass Tango sea turtle swimming sculpture "Sea Grass Tango" brass and marble swimming sea turtles sculpture

SKU# 31995-B:

Chance Encounter sailfish/marlin sculpture "Chance Encounter" brass marlin and sailfish sea sculptures

SKU# 31626-P:

Brass tropical sting ray statue Brass tropical sting ray statue

SKU# 31998-B:

Majestic Sail brass sail fish sea sculpture "Majestic Sail" brass/marble sail fish sea sculptures

SKU# 31999-B:

Magnificent Marlin sculpture "Magnificent Marlin" brass marlin sculptures

SKU# 80053-L:

Humpback whale seascape sculpture Double brass seascape humpback whales sculpture

SKU# 30035-K:

Seascape sea turtle trio sculpture Brass seascape trio sea turtle sculpture

SKU# 31048-L:

Brass sea turtles sculpture Imperial medium brass sea turtle sculpture

SKU# 31046-L:

Large brass sea turtle sculpture Imperial large sea turtle brass sculpture
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