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We carry football trophy, soccer trophy, and other sports trophy awards.

Race horse statues and Polo player statues also offered under our sports trophy statues section.

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Sports trophy such as football trophy and soccer trophy awards are just some of the statues we offer. Race horse statue along with baseball sports trophy, basketball trophy, and other sports trophies are all made with quality to show incredible detail.

SKU# C1558:

Basketball sports trophy Copper single finger basketball sports statue

SKU# 64002:

Small basketball trophy Small copper basketball player sports trophy

SKU# 64001:

Large copper basketball trophy Large copper basketball trophy

SKU# B204:

Bronzed basketball trophy Bronzed basketball trophy on marble base

SKU# 64006:

Small hockey trophy Small copper hockey trophy

SKU# 64005:

Large copper hockey trophy Large copper hockey trophy

SKU# C1559:

Football statue Copper football single finger trophy

SKU# 64010:

Small football trophy Small copper football trophy

SKU# 64009:

Large football copper trophy Large copper football trophy

SKU# B206:

Bronzed football trophy Bronzed football trophy on marble base

SKU# C554:

Soccer ball sports statue Copper single finger sports soccer statue

SKU# 64004:

Small copper soccer sports trophy Small copper soccer trophy

SKU# 64003:

Large copper soccer trophy Large copper soccer trophy

SKU# B205:

Bronzed soccer trophy Bronzed soccer trophy on marble base

SKU# C458:

Copper soccer cross finger trophy Copper soccer cross finger trophy

SKU# 64008:

Small copper baseball trophy Small copper baseball sports trophy

SKU# 64007:

Large copper baseball trophy Large copper sports baseball trophy

SKU# B203:

Bronzed baseball trophy Bronzed baseball trophy

SKU# 54061:

Race horse with jockey statue Copper race horse statue with jockey

SKU# DBb1470:

Pewter horse racing statue Pewter racing horse statue

SKU# 54037:

Thoroughbred race horse and jocky statue Copper jockey and thoroughbred race horse statue

SKU# C1442:

Lady fox hunter sport horse statue Copper Lady sports fox hunter on horse statue

SKU# C1563:

Horse and rider sports statue Copper rider and jumping horse statue
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