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Decorative copper and bronze western sculptures
such as cowboy statues and indian figurines at low prices for decorating your home and office.

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Our line of western sculpture offers cowboy statues in copper, bronze, iron, as well as indian figurines and cowboy statue figurine. Bases for the statues and indian figurines come in resin, wood, or marble, depending on the individual western statue. Our bronze and copper indian and cowboy statues are made to show incredible detail. Start or add to your collection of cowboy and indian figurines by purchasing any of our western sculptures today.

SKU# C085:

Copper cowboy statue Copper cowboy statue leaning on fence post

SKU# C086:

Copper cowboy figurine Copper cowboy figurine by cactus

SKU# C5001:

Copper indian figurine with horse bust Copper indian figurine and horse bust statue

SKU# 54109:

Cowboy with cigar statue Cowboy smoking cigar statue

SKU# 54112:

Cowboy holding rifle statue Cowboy with rifle statue

SKU# 14506:

Copper cowboy by fence statue Copper cowboy riding horse by stone fence statue

SKU# 14507:

Cowboy figurine on horse jumping wheel Cowboy figurine on copper horse statue jumping wagon wheel

SKU# 14508:

cowboy copper figurine on bucking bronco Copper cowboy and bucking bronco statue

SKU# 54108:

Cowboy with saddle statue Cowboy with saddle statue

SKU# 14510:

Copper indian chief figurine Copper indian chief figurine on horse

SKU# 34509:

Dark copper indian figurine with horse Dark copper war indian figurine on horse

SKU# 54502:

Copper cowgirl racing barrel on horse statue Copper cowgirl on horse racing barrel statue

SKU# 54025:

Copper cowboy statue on bronco Copper cowboy statue on bucking bronco

SKU# M1001:

End of the Trail indian figurine Small copper "End of the Trail" indian figurine

SKU# C1547:

Copper indian eagle statue Copper indian under eagle statue

SKU# DC1458:

Antique bronze End of the Trail western sculpture Medium Antique bronze western "End of the Trail" sculpture

SKU# 54055:

Indian hunting buffalo figurine Copper indian hunting buffalo figurine

SKU# 54022:

Copper cowboy figurine with horses Copper cowboy figurine on horse with pack horse

SKU# C786A:

Cowboy on horse with lasso statue Copper cowboy on horse with lasso statue

SKU# 54102:

Indian girl figurine Indian girl figurine on horse

SKU# 54511:

Western bull rider copper sculpture Copper bull rider western sculpture

SKU# 54024:

End of the Trail indian sculpture Medium copper "End of the Trail" indian sculpture

SKU# C727:

Cowboy with lasso figurine Copper cowboy on horse statue with lasso

SKU# 54103:

Indian with rifle on horse figurine Indian with rifle figurine on horse

SKU# CD730:

Horse and cowboy figurine Copper horse and cowboy statue

SKU# 54038:

Western Mountain man sculpture "The Mountain Man" western sculpture

SKU# 54039:

Cowboy on horse with snake statue Copper rearing horse and cowboy with snake statue

SKU# 54040:

Cowboy and bucking horse figurine Copper bucking horse figurine with cowboy

SKU# 54041:

Cowboy and rearing horse statue Cowboy on rearing horse statue

SKU# C525:

Indian head figurine with wolves Copper indian head figurine with wolves

SKU# C527:

Indian head figurine with bronze eagle statue Copper Bust Indian figurine with bronze eagle statue

SKU# DBb728:

The Bronco Buster sculpture Pewter "The Bronco Buster" western sculpture

SKU# C437:

Indian chief bust figurine Copper indian chief head figurine

SKU# M1002:

Large End of the Trail Sculpture Large copper "End of the Trail" indian figurine

SKU# C786:

Copper cowboy with two horses figurine Cowboy with two horses figurine

SKU# B100:

Bronze Bronco Buster sculpture Bronze "The Bronco Buster western statue

SKU# 54031:

Copper outlaws on running horses statue Copper outlaws on running horses western sculpture

SKU# 54030:

Cowboy with horses statue Copper cowboy statue with rearing horse and pack horse
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