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Welcome to our Wildlife Sculptures Section.

Decorative wildlife figurine and wildlife statue
for your home and office decorating needs.

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Our wildlife sculptures include wildlife figurine
and wildlife statue of wildlife animals like deer and elk wildlife sculptures, as well as African wildlife sculpture of lion, giraffe, rhinoceros wildlife statue and wildlife sculptures.

SKU# 55125:

Wildlife Bear head sculpture Copper bear wildlife head sculpture

SKU# 55126:

Wildlife Wolf head sculpture Copper wolf wildlife head figurine

SKU# 55128:

Wildlife Rhinoceros head sculpture Copper rhinoceros African wildlife head statue

SKU# 55129:

Wildlife Cow head sculpture Copper cow head statue

SKU# 13071:

Wildlife bear holding fish sculpture Copper wildlife bear holding fish sculpture

SKU# 33127:

Buffalo jumping wildlife figurine Copper buffalo jumping wildlife figurine

SKU# 55130:

Wildlife Deer head statue Copper wildlife deer head statue

SKU# 55131:

Wildlife bear head figurine Copper wildlife elk head figurine

SKU# 55132:

Wildlife moose head statue Copper wildlife moose head statue

SKU# 55133:

Wildlife sika deer head figurine Copper wildlife sika deer head figurine

SKU# C771A:

Wildlife buffalo head sculpture Small copper wildlife buffalo bust sculpture

SKU# DC1444:

Wildlife elk sculpture Antique bronze wildlife elk sculpture

SKU# DC1070:

Wildlife Wolf on rock statue Copper wolf on rock wildlife statue

SKU# DC1073:

Wildlife 2 Wolves bust sculpture Dark copper wildlife two wolf bust sculpture

SKU# CcD250:

Wildlife giraffe figurine Dark copper wildlife giraffe figurine

SKU# C262:

Wildlife fightine buffalo sculpture Copper wildlife fighting buffalo sculpture

SKU# C1134:

Wildlife giraffe mother and baby statue Copper mother and baby wildlife giraffe statue

SKU# 35103:

Wildlife bull head figurine Copper wildlife bull head figurine

SKU# Cc576:

Wildlife giraffe bust statue Dark copper wildlife giraffe bust statue

SKU# 33138:

Wildlife wolves running sculpture Dark wildlife wolves running sculpture

SKU# C1406:

Bear catching fish wildlife sculptures Wildlife Copper bear catching fish sculpture

SKU# 35109:

Wildlife deer head sculpture Large copper wildlife deer head sculpture

SKU# 35110:

Wildlife moose head sculpture Large copper wildlife moose head sculpture

SKU# 35111:

wildlife elk head sculpture Large copper wildlife elk head sculpture

SKU# 53006:

Copper wolf wildlife statue Wildlife Copper crying wolf statue

SKU# C873:

Wildlife deer figurine Standing copper wildlife deer figurine

SKU# DC480:

Wildlife bull head figurine Antique wildlife bronze bull head figurine

SKU# 53143:

Wildlife lion sculpture Copper lion on rock wildlife sculptures

SKU# 53144:

Wildlife tiger figurine Copper wildlife tiger figurine

SKU# C774:

Wildlife moose sculpture Copper wildlife stepping moose sculpture

SKU# Cc784:

Wildlife standing bear statue Dark copper wildlife standing bear statue

SKU# 13061:

Wildlife standing buffalo sculpture Copper wildlife standing buffalo sculpture

SKU# 53145:

Wildlife leopard figurine Copper wildlife leopard figurine

SKU# C038B:

Wildlife mexican bull statue Copper wildlife mexican bull statue

SKU# C775:

Wildlife moose head sculpture Copper wildlife moose head sculpture

SKU# DC703:

Wildlife bronze fighting bull statue Antique bronze wildlife fighting bull statue

SKU# 53114:

Wildlife standing bear figurine Copper wildlife standing bear figurine

SKU# C1052:

Wildlife running wolves sculpture Wildlife two running wolves sculpture

SKU# C779:

Wildlife two moose figurine Two wildlife moose figurine

SKU# C771:

Wildlife buffalo bust sculpture Large wildlife copper buffalo bust sculpture

SKU# C770:

Wildlife walking buffalo sculpture Wildlife copper walking buffalo sculpture

SKU# 53154:

Wildlife deer family sculpture Wildlife deer family sculpture

SKU# 53009:

Wildlife deer family statue Copper deer family wildlife statue

SKU# 53141:

Wildlife bull elk sculpture Copper wildlife bull elk sculpture

SKU# 53146:

Wildlife deer buck sculpture Copper wildlife deer buck sculpture

SKU# DC1053:

Five running wolves wildlife sculptures Dark copper five running wolves wildlife sculptures

SKU# 53161:

Wildlife rearing buffalo figurine Copper wildlife rearing buffalo figurine

SKU# CcD044:

Wildlife giraffes statue Dark copper wildlife mother & baby giraffe statue

SKU# A1168:

Wildlife golden ram sculpture Wildlife golden ram sculpture

SKU# C578:

Wildlife lion sculpture Large copper wildlife lion sculpture

SKU# 33140:

Wildlife charging buffalo statue Copper wildlife charging buffalo statue


Wildlife tiger sculpture Bronze wildlife tiger sculpture with gold/silver

SKU# 30204-A:

Wildlife giraffes sculpture Brass wildlife giraffe pair sculpture

SKU# 31683-R:

Wildlife bears statue Brass wildlife bears statue with dark bronze

SKU# 31684-R:

Wildlife bears statue Pair of wildlife brass bears statue

SKU# 31688-R:

Buffalo herd wildlife statue Brass buffalo herd wildlife statue

SKU# 31689-R:

Wildlife deer herd sculpture Brass wildlife deer herd sculpture

SKU# 31695-R:

Big horn sheep wildlife figurine Brass big horn sheep wildlife figurine

SKU# 30311-N:

Wildlife lioness statue Brass wildlife stalking lioness statue

SKU# 30374-K:

Wildlife moose figurine "Mighty brass moose wildlife figurine

SKU# 30375-U:

Wildlife mule deer sculpture Brass wildlife mule deer bust sculpture

SKU# AaCD046:

wildlife tiger statue Gold & Verdigris tiger wildlife statue

SKU# 30919-W:

Wildlife leopard sculpture Imperial brass wildlife leopard sculpture

SKU# 31692-R:

Wildlife elks sculpture "Head to Head" brass elks wildlife sculptures

SKU# 80036-R:

wildlife deer famly sculpture Wildlife brass deer family sculpture

SKU# 32502-D:

Wildlife garden frog figurine Brass dancing frog wildlife garden figurine spitter

SKU# 40323-L:

wildlife turtle sculpture Large polystone wildlife outdoor garden turtle sculpture

SKU# 30929-R:

Wildlife white tail deer sculpture Imperial brass wildlife white tail deer sculpture

SKU# 80037-R:

Wildlife pair deer sculpture Brass deer wildlife pair sculpture

SKU# 30110-B:

wildlife alligator statue Aluminum wildlife outdoor alligator statue

SKU# 30920-L:

Wildlife lion figurine Imperial brass wildlife lion figurine

SKU# 32417-G:

Wildlife deer statues Aluminum wildlife outdoor deer statues

SKU# 30613-G:

wildlife outdoor deer sculpture Wildlife outdoor brass garden deer sculpture
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